Online Payments

We are delighted to introduce the Tucasi Online Payment system at our school. The system will allow you to view balances and pay for the following items online without the need to send cash or cheques into school.

> School meals > Trips and events > Dolphin Club

You can use the same online account to link any children you have at this school and to link children at other schools using the Tucasi secure system. If you have received more than one account access letter because you have multiple children at this school, create your online account as below for the first child and then link the second child using the instructions in the ‘I already have a account’ section.

I don’t yet have a account:

Visit and Register as a New User. Follow the instructions on the screen to enter your details and add the unique online link code for your child when prompted. If you need assistance creating your account, there are help guides on the login page.

I already have a account for another child:

Log on to your existing account using your username (email address) and password. Select Your Info then Link Accounts. Enter the unique online Link Code to add another child to the account. Each child's name will then appear in the purple drop down on the top right hand side of the screen.

Note: You only need your online link code when registering. It is no longer needed once your account has been activated.

We hope you find this method of payment easy and convenient. Please contact the school if you require any further assistance.


We use SCOPAY for our online payments, you may already have an account, if so great news, they’ve released a new mobile app.

For parents not yet using SCOPAY, did you know you can; pay for dinner money, trips and events, and Dolphin club all online.

Using SCOPAY allows you to top up your child’s account anywhere, anytime using a Debit or Credit card.

All parents have access to SCOPAY, if you have not yet registered to make online payments, please let the office know and an access code will be issued to you.

To find out more, visit

New User Guides - July 2019

Managing your account:

Making Payments:

SCOPAY Mobile App

For parents who prefer the convenience of a mobile App, then iOS and Android versions of the new SCOPAY App are now available for download either via Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

Search for SCOPAY

The new SCOPAY App has been developed to replace the previous mobile version of our website.

The website will of course still be available – and will be shortly updated itself to better mirror the branding we’ve used for the App.

What does this mean for parents?

Parents who already have a SCOPAY account are able to login to the App with their existing username and password.

For new parents, schools will provide you with an online link code or QR code that you will need during the registration process. You can register through the website or the App and will need to validate your email address (click the link in the automated email after registration).

Phase 1 - out now!

Phase 1 of the SCOPAY Mobile App allows parents to:

  • Register their SCOPAY account

  • Link pupils to their account using either a link code or QR code

  • Top up Dinner or Club balances and see live balance information

  • View Trips, make payments, give consent, link to your mobile calendar to add trip dates

  • View and purchase items for sale (Uniform, Revision guides, etc) and view product information

  • View payment history

  • Set up alerts to be received by email or in-App for new items online, trip payment deadlines, low account balances

  • Manage account information - password, email, billing details, payment agreements

  • Save card details with FuturePay (check with your school)

  • Delete their account

Phase 2 - coming soon!

Phase 2 of the SCOPAY Mobile App will allow parents to:

  • View the dinners calendar and order meals

  • View the club calendars and book club sessions

  • Book Parents' evening meetings

SCOPAY Mobile App Video Help