Just like adults, children will feel worried and anxious at times. Anxiety becomes a problem when it starts to get in the way of everyday life. To find out more about anxiety in children, please go to the NHS website

If you would like to support your children in working their way through their anxiety, please have a look at the resources below.


Excessive Reassurance Seeking

Help with what to say and do if your child is seeking reassurance excessively.


Helping your child to sleep alone

Guidance about how to reassure your child to sleep alone.

Mighty Moe1 Anxiety.pdf

Mighty Moe

An anxiety workbook for children.


Overcoming perfectionism

How to reduce anxieties surrounding mistake making and expectations.


Talking to your children about anxiety

A guide on how to discuss anxiety.


Chester the Cat

How anxiety can sometimes feel


How do I feel anxiety in my body

Exploring anxiety with your child.

Anxiety presentations

Different ways that anxiety presents itself.