Year 2

Foxes and Badgers

Welcome to Year 2

What are we up to this term?

Badgers Autumn 2023 .pdf
Foxes Autumn 2023.pdf

We love our music lessons in Year 2!

Design and Technology

Spring 2023

Our Aboriginal Rainmakers!


From the UK to Australia - Spring 2023

Both classes went into the school hall and learnt the 4 countries that are in the United Kingdom. We could all match the capital cities and flags to each country and learnt the seas that surround it.

We all had lots of fun moving around the hall and seeing  a map in a different, active way!

In Science this week, we have started our new topic about Plants. We looked at the features of plants and dissected real plants into their parts. We had lots of fun and enjoyed getting dirty!


Plants - Spring 2023

Design and Technology

Autumn 2022

In our Autumn DT, we designed and made fire engines that would help to stop the Great Fire of London. We learnt about how wheels and axles worked and used these to determine our own final fire engine design.

Our Christmas Nativity 2022

Here are some photos of our school nativity, 'The Big Little Nativity' in 2022.  We are so proud of all of the children and it was a fantastic show!