Year 3

Mr M Haxell

Teacher (Australia)

My interests: I love all sports and keeping fit and I like to play football with my friends and go paddling on my kayak. I like all things computing and reading books about history. I’ve been a teacher for 5 years now and I love doing fun lessons and activities with the children I teach.

A fun fact about me: When I was younger, I once fell into a penguin enclosure at a zoo and got chased by a lot of very hungry penguins.

Miss S Whitaker

Teacher (India)

My interests: I live in North Wales and love to spend my time outdoors or with family and friends. I have always enjoyed travelling to new places around the world. When I was 22, I spent 3 months travelling through India and Nepal. This included walking to Everest Base Camp which was incredible! In school, I love teaching (and learning) about lots of different subjects but especially Art. I love working with children as they always surprise me and put a smile on my face.

A fun fact about me: A couple of years ago I climbed the 15 highest mountains in Wales in under 24 hours to raise money for charity. It was a fantastic adventure but very tiring!

Mrs J Pearson

Teaching Assistant (Australia/ India)

My Interests: I love to get out walking. I head somewhere in the UK every summer for a week to walk in pastures new.

I walk twice a day with my dog Luna who is a Staffy cross and has boundless energy.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit and have lived in numerous places including Hong Kong and Germany for 10 years which is where I first went to work in schools.

I love hosting murder mystery parties for my family and watching the competitiveness of siblings trying to out act each other .

Fun fact about me: I have met Prince Philip and completed an army assault course for the SSAFA charity.

Mrs K Stuffin

Teaching Assistant (Australia)

My interests: I love spending time with my three daughters; Caitlin, Kayla and Lacie. We love walking with our dog Princess the pug and snuggling with our two cats Callie and Willow. My real passion is anything arty but most of all I love interior design. My dream would be to dress show homes!

I’ve lived in Germany for a year and my favourite part was the Christmas markets.

Fun fact about me: I love having funky hair and think I’ve had every colour of the rainbow, I've even had pink and purple dreadlocks.

Mrs L Moore

Teaching Assistant (India)

My Interests: I love holidays ! I love planning my next adventure with my husband Carson and two boys, Matthew and Daniel. We love Greece and my ideal holiday would be sailing around the Greek Isles. Although my favourite place is near the sea, we have also had some amazing city breaks. I love reading and listening to music - all kinds of both! I enjoy going to concerts and watching football – especially at the Theatre of Dreams !! Can’t wait till we can do both again.

Fun Fact about me: When I was 13 my school held a Mastermind competition and I won! My specialist subject was The History of Wembley Stadium.