Music at Meadow

The teaching of Music at Meadow is based on the Charanga Musical School scheme of work which is designed to support both specialist and non-specialist teachers. The scheme adopts an integrated, practical, exploratory and child-led approach and is assessed through evidence gathering which enables teachers to evaluate pupil learning against National Curriculum guidelines. The scheme is progressive and takes on a mastery approach to learning where children develop new musical skills and concepts as well as revisiting prior learning and embedding previous knowledge. Children are encouraged to have the confidence to partake in all activities with a positive mindset and a ‘have a go’ attitude. Opportunity to perform, share, reflect and evaluate learning is integral to the scheme.

Children at Meadow are encouraged to value the gift of music in our world and to share that joy with others. Pupils take their love of music into the community, for example visits from our choir to a local Nursing Home, recitals during assemblies and participation in local Music Festivals and Events.

Alongside the Charanga scheme, teachers may also draw from a range of additional resources in order for children to be exposed to an even wider range of learning opportunities which may link with current areas of learning, for example, Classical 100 musical pieces and challenges. The children are also given opportunities to enjoy developing their musical skills further through a range of extra activities such as choir, piano and guitar lessons and brass instrument tuition.



This video provides an overview of the experiences on offer through Charanga.


Our choir visits Astbury Lodge residential home.

At Christmas, our choir likes to visit Astbury Lodge residential home to spread some festive cheer!

Singing carols


Having a dance!