An overview of Computing at Meadow

Within our Computing Curriculum, aims and objectives form the National Curriculum have been analysed and broken down into milestones to create a comprehensive and progressive curriculum. The curriculum objectives are split into the three Computing strands: Computer Science, IT and Digital Literacy. Each year group has a mixture of progressive objectives relating to all three strands of the curriculum.

We strive to follow a logical thinking approach and encourage children to explore both physical and digital computing activities. Within lessons, children will be expected to create, edit and debug a range of different programs and systems to develop a full understanding of computational thinking.

At Meadow, our Computing curriculum is designed to allow pupils to use a wide range of computing equipment including Chromebooks, laptops, iPads and code bugs. This ensures that children will leave Meadow with the confidence to access and use a range of technology types.

The Computing curriculum has strong cross-curricular links which helps embed the use of technology in all areas of the children’s learning.