Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural Education

We use the term SMSC to incorporate the teaching of PSHE (Personal, Social, Health & Economic) education, RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) as well as the wider offer of Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education. 

At Meadow, we take a broad and thorough approach to the delivery of PSHE (including RSE & Health) and SMSC. Individual PSHE lessons equating to 30 minutes per week, are introduced through an age appropriate picture book or the use of a short animated film. 

We work in a thematic approach covering many areas, all of which have a focus on the equality act and the nine protected characteristics. Themes include: No Outsiders; Anti-bullying; Inspirational People; Britain and Diversity; British Values; Drugs & was Alcohol; Relationships and Sex Education; Knocking down Stereotypes; More in Common (Seeking Asylum); Global Goals for Sustainable Development; and Challenging Homophobia. we also have a comprehensive programme to teach about mental health and wellbeing.

We focus on questioning, philosophy and discussion in order to enable the children to explore the subject matters in depth within the time frames given. Children contribute to the creation of iMovies which evidence the richness of these sessions.

Alongside the separate PSHE lessons, we ensure that PSHE, Global and SMSC values are threaded throughout our curriculum e.g. Diversity within the Roman Empire; Use of sustainable palm oil to prevent deforestation of Rainforests; Giving multiple different images of the same place when learning about the wider world in geography; Writing for a real purpose (to make a change) within English. 

By threading these humanity based concepts throughout all subjects, children are able to identify the links actions and consequences in a global context.

Assemblies are used as learning opportunities relating to SMSC themes and we provide a wide range of stand-alone opportunities throughout the school year that support this area of learning.

We record much of our learning using iMovie. Have a look at some of the learning that has been taking place. 

Personal Development & SMSC Overview.pdf

SMSC & Personal Development

Learning within the areas of SMSC and Personal Development takes place across many areas of the school curriculum and school life in general. This document provides some detail about how we help pupils to develop positive attitudes and values and build strong character. Further details about specific areas can be found on curriculum subject pages. 

No Outsiders - All Different, All Welcome - PRINTHUB VERSION (1).pdf

No Outsiders

The 'No Outsiders' picture book approach forms part of our PSHE curriculum. Further information about this can be viewed in the attached parent guide.

Subject Leads

Sam Olubodun and Kerry Inglis

Intent, Implementation, Impact 

Curriculum Statement.pdf

Curriculum Overview of PSHE, RSE & Health and SMSC 

PSHE Overview

Whole School Mental Health Plan B.pdf

Mental Health Overview

Website tiered approach to mental health and wellbeing at Meadow DRAFT.pdf

Tiered approach to Mental Health provision and support across the school community

Please see the attached document to understand the different ways in which Meadow supports positive mental wellbeing for our children, staff and parents.  

Progression of Objectives

QofE PSHE End Points.pdf

End Points PSHE/RSE

QofE Mental Health .pdf

End Points Mental Health

QofE Vocabulary Ladder Mental Health.pdf

Vocabulary Ladder

Mental Health

National Curriculum Links


Citizenship Education

Citizenship education is embedded within our broader SMSC and PSHE offer



DFE Guidance



Relationships, Sex & Health Education .pdf

RSE Policy

Details about our provision in relation to Relationships and Sex Education.


British Values

British Values are taught throughout the curriculum at Meadow.

British Values and Meadow Values

Children talked about how British Values relate to school values.

Safety Central

Our Year 5 children visit Safety Central and take part in interactive activities to learn all about fire, road, electricity, travel, cyber, building site and water safety, accidents at home, bullying, five ways to well-being, healthy eating, the Countryside Code and first aid.


Children lead a whole school assembly and then sell poppies in remembrance of those who have fought and died in wars.

iMovie Gallery

Have a browse at some of the movies our learners have made whilst learning about Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Health, Economic & Relationship issues. 

Copy of Year 6 Rosa

People who inspire us

Rosa Parks

Copy of EYFS - You

Similarities and differences - Reception

You Choose

Egypt - The Proudest

The Proudest Blue

Egypt theme 11 “unresponsive and breathing”.mov

First Aid Champions

Red Cross

P4L Careers Carnival 2022.mp4

Careers' Carnival!

Through our partnership with the amazing charity 'Passion for Learning', Meadow Pupils took part in an inspirational careers event at Chester Racecourse. 

Copy of Robins inspirational

People who inspire us

Year 1 learned about Dr Xand and Dr Chris Tulleken

India inspirational people .mov

Inspirational People

Malala Yousafzai


Two Monsters

No Outsiders


No Outsiders

Drugs and Alcohol Education - Safe or Unsafe?

Be Yourself!

How can we help people to feel valued, just as they are?

The Whisperer

Year 6 learned about what discrimination is and how to stand up to it. 

Copy of Theme 1 Year 6 19/9/22 .mov
The Day the War Came - Egypt 2022.mp4

The Day the War Came

Reflections on a picture book and the Ukrainian conflict.

Odd Egg

The Odd Egg

Embracing difference


Emmeline Pankhurst

Gender Equality

Brazil Global

World's Largest Lesson

At Meadow, we all take part in the 'World's Largest Lesson' which examines the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Our children make their own pledges to contribute positively to their world. 


Ellesmere Port Project

Children visited the residents of Astbury Lodge nursing home to find out more about their town.

Australia Theme 1.MOV

Two Monsters

I Walk With Vanessa Japan.mp4

I Walk With Vanessa


People Who Inspire Us

David Attenborough


People Who Inspire Us

Rosa Parks

Theme 1 - Year 5 Greece

How to Heal a Broken Wing

Theme 1: Invisible Boy Ghana Year

The Invisible Boy

Windrush .mov

Britain & Diversity

Exploring the Windrush experience

Theme 1: Robins - Blue Chameleon

Blue Chameleon

My World Your World

My World, Your World

Red: A crayon's Story

People Who Inspire Us

Malala Yousafzai


Citizenship Movie

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child

Year 3 First Aid

Role play

Additional Activities to Support Learning

QofE PSHE Book overview.pdf

Book overview

We update our areas of learning continuously, but this document will provide you with a taste of some of the texts we share with our learners. 

Adrift Making Waves (1).mp4


Meadow Primary School took a lead in the 'Adrift' project which involved a network of primary schools, working together to breakdown stereotypes. Children examined the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers. They looked at reasons that people seek asylum, and discussed the labels that these people are given along their journey. They related the project to themes such as 'home', 'hope' and 'humanity'. All year groups created artwork relating to the project. 

Message from children.mp4

A message during Covid lockdowns

Foodbank Veg.mp4

From garden to Foodbank

Children grew vegetables from seed in our garden. They then delivered these to the local food bank where they were made into a delicious soup  which was served in the dining room. 


Literacy inspired by plastic pollution


Literacy inspired by ocean pollution

Malala's magic

Malala's Magic Pencil

Residential Visits

A chance to learn outdoors, problem solve, build bonds, form relationships, be independent, think critically, enrich experiences, develop social and emotional confidence, ignite passions and have FUN!

General Election 2019

Our youngest pupils explore democracy and voting in this General Election activity. 


Inspirational People

Exploring the question 'Who inspires us?'

Great Thunberg MOV

Greta Thunberg & Climate Change

How can we use our voices to make positive changes? What can we change to make a positive impact on our environment?