Year 1

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Mr D Gallagher

Teacher (Wrens)

My interests: The two most important people in my life are my Son, Arthur, and my wife, Sam. I love spending time with them both: we enjoy singing, dancing and going out together. I enjoy watching football and I love listening to music and watching comedy. I try to go and see a musician or comedian live as often as I can. I have just entered my 4th year of teaching at Meadow and thoroughly enjoy it!

A fun fact about me: I can say the whole alphabet backwards in under 10 seconds!

Mr T Lane


My interests: I love playing and watching pretty much every sport, particularly football and long distance running. I like spending time with my friends and family and going to watch my favourite football team (Wolves) on a weekend. I like to read books, particularly ones about football and history, sometimes both!

Fun fact about me: I know (nearly) every capital city in the world. Test me if you like!

Mrs Paula Hendry

Teaching Assistant (Robins)

My Interests: I love spending time with my family! I have a son called Conor, a daughter called Ellie and a very lazy cat named Liquorice!

My favourite hobby is eating, I enjoy cooking, trying out new recipes and secretly helping myself to Ellie's chocolate stash!

To jazz up doing household chores, I like to have a good boogie and a sing-a-long to the current chart music and old throwback classics.

Chill time is curling up on the sofa with a cuppa reading a good book.

A fun fact about me: When I was a child I attended dance classes, tap and ballet. Dancing in pantomimes, competitions and exams. Today I keep fit by doing Zumba to burn off all those chocolate calories!

Last year I did a zumbathon for charity so I hope to do more of these in the future.

My interest: I love to spend time with my family doing lots of fun stuff!

Mis Chloe Kilkenny

Teaching Assistant (Wrens/Robins)

My interests: I love to read fantasy novels and listen to a lot of music (I also ‘try’ to play guitar). I enjoy photography and cinematography, Whenever I go anywhere I make sure to document my travels, capturing all the memorable moments through a lens. My house is full of plants and I hope to never stop adding to my little inside jungle. I love spending time with everyone in school and couldn’t ask for a more rewarding job!

A fun fact about me: I have been a vegan for 3 years.

Mrs L Sparks

Teaching Assistant (Wrens/ Robins)

My interests: Over the years lots of my interests have come from following my children's sporting activities. My son has played football from a very young age and I have 100% been that football Mum on the sidelines shouting off side!! My daughter was a keen gymnast and dancer and I have spent years travelling around the country watching her compete in gym comps. So much of my life has been spent putting everything into my family and making special memories for us to treasure.

Now my children have become young adults I have found myself enjoying walks with my husband and up until recently eating out. I have a love for King Charles spaniels and love our dog Marni.

As a young adult myself I used to love to keep fit. I was part of a running club and loved to play netball. I am planning to take up some of these interests again in the future.

A fun fact about me: My daughter and I made it on to TV in the audition section of Dance Mom's UK (I was not auditioning). We got to meet Jenifer Ellison and the rest of the crew.

Mrs S-J Wharton

Teaching Assistant (Wrens)

I have two children, a girl who goes to Whitby High and a boy who goes to Meadow. I have been a teaching assistant for 5 years and absolutely love it!

I decided to be a teaching assistant after having my own children and taking them to lots of play groups, where I often helped out and we loved going. It was so much fun and so lovely meeting lots of new people and their children.

Fun fact about me : I always wanted to be a singer or a dancer when I was a little girl and was always singing and dancing (still do). I did lots of shows on stage which I loved and even got to do a dance show in Disney Land Paris! My all time favourite song is “Proud Mary” and when it comes on there is just no stopping me.