All our current policies are available to view as PDF.  They are reviewed and subsequently approved by the governing body every three years, unless there are changes in legislation or practice in the interim or they have to be updated on a yearly basis.

If you require a paper copy of any information shown on the website please feel free to contact us.

Meadow Primary School

Mrs Andrews, Mrs Watson and/or Mrs McKenna

Dolphin Crescent, Great Sutton

Cheshire, CH66 4SZ

Tel: 0151 203 1690


Accessibility Plan 2020-2024.pdf
Administration of Medicines and the Management of Medical and Dietary Needs (1).pdf
Allegations of abuse.pdf
Attendance Policy .pdf
Anti-bullying policy.pdf
Assessment and Feedback Policy 2023.pdf
Behaviour Policy.pdf
Complaints Policy .pdf
Child on child abuse policy.pdf
Collective Worship .pdf
Curriculum Statement.pdf
Equality Policy .pdf
Educational Visits Policy (1).pdf
EYFS Policy .pdf
Exclusion Policy.pdf
Filtering and Monitoring Policy.pdf
Freedom of information .pdf
First Aid Policy.pdf
GDPR Policy .pdf
Health and Safety Policy (1).pdf
Homework policy .pdf
home-school agreement .pdf
Intimate Care Policy .pdf
Lockdown Policy.pdf
Low-level concerns policy .pdf
Meadow Data Sharing Agreement
Mobile Phones Policy for staff, pupils, parents and visitors.pdf
Missing Child policy .pdf
Online Safety policy December 2022.pdf
Positive Handling Policy .pdf
Professional Relations Code of Conduct Policy .pdf
Protocol for using Emergency Inhaler
Parents' Safer Parking Charter.pdf
Relationships, Sex & Health Education .pdf
Remote learning Policy (4).pdf
Safeguarding Policy 2023-24 (1).pdf
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy .pdf
Safer recruitment policy .pdf
Social Media Code of Conduct for Parents (1).pdf
Volunteer Guidelines.pdf
Whistleblowing Policy .pdf
Young carers Policy.pdf