Overview of History at Meadow

The National Curriculum forms the core of our teaching in History. Aims and objectives have been analysed, broken down and distributed to year groups and ‘topics’. The ‘topic’ of focus is referred to as our ‘Context for Learning’. This ensures that the National Curriculum objectives are covered multiple times from Year 1 to Year 6.

Building on National Curriculum objectives, each ‘Context for Learning’ is introduced by the use of a philosophical, overarching, open question. This provides the children with an understanding of why it is important and relevant to be learning about the subject matters covered. Each session is guided through more focused questions that the children investigate, discuss and research. Using the knowledge gained during sessions, children then reflect on the session questions and at the end of a ‘Context for Learning’, they use the sum of their knowledge to reflect on and answer the broader philosophical question. 

By encouraging critical thinking skills, children are able to use and query sources of information, consider different points of view and experiences and develop a deeper understanding of how our past affects our future, and how people are linked through human experiences.

Subject Lead

Mr Dylan Jones

Intent, Implementation, Impact

Curriculum Statement.pdf

Curriculum Overview

History Overview

Context for Learning overview

Progression of Objectives

QofE End Points Geography & History (1).pdf

Please see the attached document for our end points at each stage of learning.

QofE Vocabulary Ladder History (1).pdf

Vocabulary Ladder


National Curriculum Links


Pupil Voice

Copy of QofE Pupil Voice KS1 Autumn.MOV

We asked our pupils about their learning in History and Geography. This is what they said.


Bringing learning to life!

Our pupils regularly take part in workshops, learning about a range of subject areas.


Additional Activities to Support Learning

Thread Sequencing and Identification.pdf

Key concepts thread sequencing