PPA Staff

Mrs T Ibbotson


Interests: I relish spending quality time with my family; my husband, daughter and son where we enjoy woodland and mountain walking with our dog Benji as well as cycling and swimming. I love listening to a range of musical genres and am also an avid theatre goer with a passion for musicals! Holidays are a big thing for us and we love everything from exotic beaches to caravanning in our tourer! As long as it's a different destination, it's a new adventure!!

Being from Manchester originally, I spend lots of time at the weekend there too, visiting family and friends and watching my favourite football team play football.... Manchester United of course!!

I have been a teacher now at Meadow for almost fifteen years. In my present role as PPA teacher, I get to teach children across the wide range of year groups on a regular basis which I absolutely adore. I am also professional mentor to our Newly Qualified Teachers and student teachers within school and find supporting them and watching them develop in their role extremely rewarding.

Fun fact: In the summer of 2018, whilst on holiday in Hawaii, I got to see one of the world's most active volcanoes erupting! This was the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island. It was a truly magnificent experience and one that I will never forget!