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Mr P Spencer

Site Maintenance Officer

I am married  and have two children.  We have three grandchildren,  and we enjoy spending time with them. We look after them regularly and we like to take them to new places and enjoy new experiences with them. My daughter has a dog called Archie and my son has a dog called Teddy. We used to have a family dog called Sophie and whilst my wife would love another dog, I am happy to walk Archie and Teddy, which I often do!

In my spare time, I am busy doing DIY tasks around the home and for family and friends. My previous job was as a plumber and heating engineer, which does come in handy when things need fixing. My family will say that I never sit down, and I am always on the go – fixing.

I enjoy spending time with friends. We often meet up and go out for nice meals.

We have weekends away and enjoy bowling, shopping and having a good laugh. I love to go on holiday and enjoy being in the sunshine. It is the one time that I do sit in the sun and relax, although I do like going out for walks. My wife and I enjoy visiting new places in this country as well as abroad. Often, we go to Anglesey with the family and enjoy spending time together walking, visiting the small towns and the different beaches. It is a beautiful place.

Mr P Ferguson


Before starting here I was in sales for 30+ years selling various products and services. I'm married ( the boss)  and I have 2 sons, my wife also has a daughter. I like cycling and playing racket sports and going on holiday.

A funny fact about me: When I first started cycling I had never used pedal cleats before and I went out for a bike ride only to be cut up by a driver. I sped of after him caught him up at the lights and was about to give him a piece of my mind but when  I came to a stop I couldn’t remove my feet from the pedal and in slow motion the bike tilted over with me still attached the driver was in bits laughing with the sight of on the floor trying to escape from my bike.