The Teaching of Mathematics at Meadow

Teachers at Meadow Primary have been developing a mastery approach since 2015. Inspired by the exceptional performance of some Southeast Asian Countries, our involvement with our local Maths Hub and the fact that the maths curriculum is a mastery curriculum, school staff accessed top quality training from Deep Learning TSA on how to implement mastery teaching using the high quality textbook ‘Maths No Problem’. The approach, using both the pedagogy and textbook, has since been implemented at Meadow Primary.

During maths lessons, you will see a high level of interaction, exploratory learning and engagement.

For more information, please read our statement below.

Teaching of Mathematics at Meadow Primary School statement

The Teaching of Mathematics at Meadow Primary School

Please read the attached document to give a detailed insight into or mathematics provision at Meadow.

Singapore Approach

An example of the Singapore approach can be viewed in this video.

Additional tools to support the learning of mathematics

At Meadow, we provide our pupils with a range of additional tools to support the learning of maths outside of formal curriculum lessons. Some of these are shown below.

Maths Whizz

An interactive, intuitive platform that responds to children's individual needs.

Times Table Rock Stars

This supports the learning of multiplication tables and encourages quick recall.

My Maths

This interactive platform teaches children about a variety of concepts and provides immediate feedback when used.

1st Class @ Number

This is used as a support intervention within school to provide structured opportunities to fill gaps in learning.

Continued Professional Development

At Meadow, we strive to continually review and develop our practice in Mathematics. We regularly consult the following, research based, provisions in order to ensure that we provide the highest quality mathematics teaching within our school. Press on the buttons to go to the sites.