RE at Meadow

Religious Education is taught to all year groups across Meadow following the Cheshire West and Chester agreed syllabus. We use an enquiry-based approach where children are actively encouraged to be curious, ask questions and put forward their own thoughts and opinions.

Children explore beliefs, practices and values that shape our world today. Religions explicitly studied include Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism and are supported by our SMSC themes including ‘No Outsiders’.

Lessons use a variety of stimuli including: stories, artefacts, ‘Philosophy for Children’, films, music, and visual arts. These stimuli are used to promote discussion and curiosity about big life questions, different beliefs, and what it means to be human. Using this approach, children are given the opportunity to explore their own developing values and belief systems and make comparisons between belief systems.

Children respond to questions and stimuli in the form of writing, art, discussion, role play and group activities. These are recorded in workbooks or using digital media. Learning is enhanced by visiting local places of worship in our community and by visitors to the school.

Using a broad range of approaches, children are able to develop a sound knowledge of world belief systems, as well as develop a confidence to express their own points of view. Lessons aim to support children to develop positive attitudes of tolerance and respect towards people of all faiths and none.