Design Technology

Design Technology at Meadow

The National Curriculum for D&T forms the foundation for our own curriculum with the intent of inspiring children to use their creativity and imagination in a practical subject. These themes are consistent throughout both Key Stages from Year 1 to Year 6.

We believe that these practical developments can be used in a cross-curricular manner, usually being applied to Science or Context for Learning sessions. This enables the subject to link with other areas of the curriculum, providing a more enriching experience for all children. All learners will be given the chance to express their ideas and thoughts, before engaging in the different processes of Design and Technology (identification of problem; product and market research; design; make and evaluate).

Subject Lead

Miss Bethan Parker

Intent, Implementation, Impact

Curriculum Statement.pdf

Curriculum Overview

Progression of Objectives

2022-2023 QofEDT End Points.pdf

End points at each stage of learning.

QofE Vocabulary Ladder DT (1).pdf

Vocabulary Ladder

Children will be exposed to a wide range of subject specific vocabulary in Design Technology.

National Curriculum Links


Pupil Voice


Teachers' learning

Meadow staff explore the Research, Design, Make Evaluate cycle in DT.

Marshmallow & spaghetti structures

Staff had to plan, test and revise designs to make the tallest free-standing structure.

Year 1: Food Technology - Sandwich making

Year 2: Wheels and Axles - Fire engines

Year 3: Food Technology (healthy diet) - fruit smoothies

Year 4: Electrical systems and switches - travel games

Year 5: Mechanisms (cams) - Moving animals

Copy of Year 5 - CAMS D and T.docx

Year 6: Food technology - rationing recipes

General Design Technology images

Additional Activities to Support Learning

Fancy designing something at home?

Watch this short video to remind you about the design process. What might you design?