Art at Meadow

The Art curriculum is designed with the National Curriculum at its core to ensure that all creative processes are catered for across key stages. Children are given the opportunity to experience a range of media and offer their own opinions, ideas and creativity in artwork that has a purpose. This can be directly related to an artist studied or linked to a subject/topic.

Sketch books allow children to explore and evaluate the artwork of others and use this as inspiration to spark their own imagination and thought process. They are then facilitated to plan and explore their own ideas using a variety of materials as they work towards a final piece.

Subject Lead

Miss Lydia Hickey

Intent, Implementation, Impact

Curriculum Statement.pdf

Curriculum Overview

Progression of Objectives

QofE Art End Points.pdf

End points at each stage of learning.

QofE Meadow Art Handbook 2020-2021.pdf

Meadow's Art Handbook

We have developed our own, bespoke handbook which works through each of the stages of the art curriculum, including the acquisition of knowledge and skills. 

QofE Vocabulary Ladder Art.pdf

Vocabulary Ladder


National Curriculum Links

Pupil Voice


Additional Activities to Support Learning