Year 5

Mr J Kelly

Teacher (Brazil)

My interests: Family and friends are very important to me and I spend lots of time with them, as well as my bright orange cat: Clyde. One of my favourite pastimes is playing football and I am also an avid Liverpool supporter. Apart from sport, I also love all types of music and love to visit new places around the world when I can. I’ve been a teacher for 6 years now and I particularly enjoy teaching English and reading the wide array of outstanding stories that the children in my class create.

Mr D Hughes

Teacher (Greece)

My interests: I enjoy playing any kind of sport but mainly hockey and football. I love spending time with my family and playing with my son. I’ve been a teacher for 2 years now and I love watching the children I work with develop and grow.

A fun fact about me: In my younger days I once ate 31 slices of pizza at a Pizza Hut buffet in one sitting. (not something I am particularly proud of).

Mrs L Wardle

Teaching Assistant

My interests: I love spending time with my family although both my children are now grown up, so getting together nowadays is sometimes mission impossible. I have 3 dogs and enjoy taking them for walks but the real passion in my life is my horse Merlin who I don’t consider a pet but a cherished member of the family. He had a tough start in life and was rescued when he was only 2 days old, he is now 24 and as energetic as ever I spend most of my spare time with him he probably has a better manicure than me and a shinier coat ha, ha!

Fun fact about me: I learned to ride a horse before I could walk! I qualified to ride for Great Britain when I was 15.

Mrs J Pearson

Teaching Assistant

My Interests: I love to get out walking. I head somewhere in the UK every summer for a week to walk in pastures new.

I walk twice a day with my dog Luna who is a Staffy cross and has boundless energy.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit and have lived in numerous places including Hong Kong and Germany for 10 years which is where I first went to work in schools.

I love hosting murder mystery parties for my family and watching the competitiveness of siblings trying to out act each other .

Fun fact about me: I have met Prince Philip and completed an army assault course for the SSAFA charity.

Mr M Booth

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Choi

Teaching Assistant

My Interests: I love spending time with my family (and extended family) and friends. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, swimming and Zumba. I have been a teaching assistant for over 7 years at Meadow.

A fun fact about me: In 2013 and 2014, I swam 1.5km (60 lengths of EPSV pool) for Swimathon charities.