Year 2

Mr D Hughes

Teacher (Badgers)

My interests: I enjoy playing any kind of sport but mainly hockey and football. I love spending time with my family and playing with my son. I’ve been a teacher for 2 years now and I love watching the children I work with develop and grow.

A fun fact about me: In my younger days I once ate 31 slices of pizza at a Pizza Hut buffet in one sitting. (not something I am particularly proud of).

Miss B Parker

Teacher (Foxes)

My interests: I love going on long walks with my labradoodle dog, Max. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I have been a teacher at Meadow for 2 years and have just moved to Year 2 for the first time. I love being a teacher and help children grow and learn everyday!

A fun fact about me: When I was in Year 4, I won the ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ singing competition. (Unfortunately, I now can’t hold a tune unlike my 8 year old self!).

Mrs L Frodsham

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (Badgers/ Foxes)

My Interests: I love spending time with my family and friends; my husband and two boys Leo and Harry. We have two Cavapoo dogs; Teddy and Bella. We love taking them on long walks especially in Wales. During the weekends I spend the mornings watching the boys play football followed by long walks, kayaking or paddleboarding in the afternoons.

I love going on sunny holidays especially to Cornwall. We love to surf and bodyboard in the Cornish waves followed by a delish cornish pasty on the beach. We also enjoy camping with friends, especially sitting by a campfire toasting our marshmallows in the evenings!

My interesting fact: When I was younger, I spent the day waiting outside Manchester United's training ground in the hope of meeting some of the players. After waiting for 6 hours, I finally met David Beckham and Eric Cantona! I even had my photograph taken with them and they kindly signed my Shirt, which I've still got today!

Mrs C Clarke

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (Badgers/ Foxes)

My interests: I love visiting new places with my family and spending time together. I am a member of the zoo and I love the outdoors and exploring. I enjoy travelling and I am always looking for new adventures.

Interesting fact:

I have been on a camel ride in the Sahara, swam with dolphins and have been kissed by a reindeer.

Miss S Wardle

Teaching Assistant (Foxes)

My interests: I enjoy being outdoors. Especially allowing the wind to blow through my hair riding my horse Merlin. Merlin was rescued as a family pet when he was born and has given me many happy memories since owning him.

I have been a teaching assistant since I was 17 and couldn’t think of a better job to have!

Fun fact about me:

My most embarrassing moment was whilst shopping, I ran behind an old lady and slam dunked my shopping in her trolly thinking it was my nan. My face was as red as a tomato!

Miss A Brown

Teaching Assistant (Badgers/Foxes)

My Interests: I’ve worked with children for over 20 years. From working in nurseries to running kids clubs abroad for Thomas Cook. For the last 10 years I’ve been working at Meadow in Dolphin club and and as a 1-2-1 teaching assistant.

I live with my Gramps, a chihuahua called Joey and 3 rescue chickens Betty, June and Pearl.

Fun fact about me: I’ve been white water rafting and swam with dolphins

3 times.