Year 2

Miss L Hickey

Teacher (Badgers)

My interests: I love to go on walks with my three dogs exploring the countryside. When I am not at the gym, I enjoy going out with my family and friends for food and drink (lots of food). I love to travel around the world and I'm excited to spend my summer in Thailand exploring different cultures and experiencing new climates. I am new to Meadow this year but am really enjoying getting to know all of the incredible staff, children and families which make up the positive school community.

A fun fact about me: When I once worked at Chester Zoo, I was the first member of staff to feed the newborn Baby Giraffe. He was born at 12:04 a.m. and I still remember his little face till this day!

Miss B Parker

Teacher (Foxes)

My interests: I love going on long walks with my labradoodle dog, Max. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I have been a teacher at Meadow for 2 years and have just moved to Year 2 for the first time. I love being a teacher and help children grow and learn everyday!

A fun fact about me: When I was in Year 4, I won the ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ singing competition. (Unfortunately, I now can’t hold a tune unlike my 8 year old self!).

Mrs L Frodsham

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

My Interests: I love spending time with my family and friends; my husband and two boys Leo and Harry. We have two Cavapoo dogs; Teddy and Bella. We love taking them on long walks especially in Wales. During the weekends I spend the mornings watching the boys play football followed by long walks, kayaking or paddleboarding in the afternoons.

I love going on sunny holidays especially to Cornwall. We love to surf and bodyboard in the Cornish waves followed by a delish cornish pasty on the beach. We also enjoy camping with friends, especially sitting by a campfire toasting our marshmallows in the evenings!

My interesting fact: When I was younger, I spent the day waiting outside Manchester United's training ground in the hope of meeting some of the players. After waiting for 6 hours, I finally met David Beckham and Eric Cantona! I even had my photograph taken with them and they kindly signed my Shirt, which I've still got today!

Mrs L Sparks

Teaching Assistant

My interests: Over the years lots of my interests have come from following my children's sporting activities. My son has played football from a very young age and I have 100% been that football Mum on the sidelines shouting off side!! My daughter was a keen gymnast and dancer and I have spent years travelling around the country watching her compete in gym comps. So much of my life has been spent putting everything into my family and making special memories for us to treasure.

Now my children have become young adults I have found myself enjoying walks with my husband and up until recently eating out. I have a love for King Charles spaniels and love our dog Marni.

As a young adult myself I used to love to keep fit. I was part of a running club and loved to play netball. I am planning to take up some of these interests again in the future.

A fun fact about me: My daughter and I made it on to TV in the audition section of Dance Mom's UK (I was not auditioning). We got to meet Jenifer Ellison and the rest of the crew.

Miss K Atherton

Teaching Assistant

My interests: I’m a bit of a theme park enthusiast and can be found at many theme parks within the UK with my partner and my family, and hoping to continue the theme park travels around many different countries!

I love spending time with my family, my partner and my friends. I also enjoy going swimming and going on walks especially to National Trust’s. When I’m not out and out, I enjoy baking at home making cakes and different flavours of fudge.

A fun fact about me: I used to go to a horse riding school when I was younger every weekend until I fell off one week and didn’t return again!

Mrs L Stewart

Teaching Assistant

My interests: I love spending time with my family of a weekend and catching up with friends. I enjoy nature and being outside and I also like doing my bit to help the environment by being eco friendly. My happy place is baking a nice cake in the kitchen and then eating it all up. I read lots of books and like to watch environmental documentaries.

Fun fact about me: I was born with bright red hair so my sister said I looked like an orangutan as a baby.