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School Tours for New Pupils

At Meadow we offer individual tours of the school with the headteacher. Ideally, this would be during a normal school day to see the school in action. We feel this gives parents/carers the opportunity to speak more freely with the headteacher and find out more about the school, it's philosophy and what it can offer their child.

For September 2020 Reception starters we will begin to offer tours from 10th June 2019 until the end of the Autumn term 2019. We can only offer tours for the weeks leading up to the admissions deadline in mid January 2020 if the headteacher is available.

For in year transfers, school tours are only available if we have vacancies in the year group required. However, you are welcome to apply for a space through the link above and be added to our waiting list.

Please contact the school office to arrange an appointments.