English at Meadow encompasses three strands: Reading, Writing and Oracy.

Please see below for details of each area.


We aim to inspire and celebrate a love of reading here at Meadow. Our reading provision is carefully structured so that we give learners the best possible start during the early years, and the confidence to grow into skilled and confident readers. Please see below for more information.

QofE Reading and Phonics at Meadow.pdf

Reading and Phonics at Meadow.

Please see the attached document for details of our provision at Meadow.

QofE Long term plan phonics 2020.pdf

Progression in phonics

See the attached grid for an idea of how we progress through each of the sounds and patterns in phonics.

Pathways to Read

We work closely with 'The Literacy Company' to provide the best, research based approach to class, guided and group reading within our school.

Reading at home

There is space in the reading record to record 5 reads per week, as well as a space for your child’s weekly spellings and a parent/teacher comment section for home/school communication.

Please encourage your child to read at least 5 times per week. It is important that you spend time listening to your child read and asking them questions about what they have read. Reading stories to your child provides them with a love of books, an understanding of language and a deeper understanding of the world around them. Please see the front of your child’s reading record for further information.

There are helpful inference questions in your child’s reading records, which you can use to support them in the development of their reading.

Reading Challenge.mov

Reading challenge!

We gave our children the task of showing us how they incorporate reading into their daily activity.

World Book Day 2021 (1).MOV

Staff favourites

Adults at Meadow were asked what they enjoyed reading when they were younger. This was shared with our children.

Additional support for Reading at Meadow

At Meadow, as well as offering a comprehensive range of books within our onsite library, we buy in to a range of online tools to support with reading. These tools are used both in school and at home, and are fully interactive. They provide teachers with the information they need to know how to best support their learners.

Accelerated Reader

This online platform helps to assess the pupils' understanding of the text they have read and will guide them towards books at the correct stage of their learning.

Bug Club

Bug Club is an online platform which helps to develop children's interest in reading and provides a wide variety of texts, accessible at home and in school.


MyOn is linked to Accelerated reader and provides thousands of texts that can be selected by genre, interest area or difficulty. This platform provides audio for each text to support pupils still learning to decode.


We follow a mastery text-based approach to the teaching and learning of English. Our aim is to equip all children, regardless of background or ability, with the skills and fluency necessary to become confident and adept writers. Staff have exceptionally high standards of children’s literacy skills; within unit plans, staff ensure that all children have the opportunity to build on their knowledge and understanding of this subject with appropriate challenge and support.

At Meadow we strive to enhance vocabulary across the curriculum. Within English, this is done through an integrated approach to reading and writing within all units of work. Vocabulary acquisition and understanding holds a very high profile in all of our classrooms, and staff model and present new vocabulary to children in all subjects.

Our writing units are text based and we work extremely closely with 'The Literacy Company' to provide carefully planned and structured, exciting writing opportunities for our pupils.

We encourage extended writing across the curriculum and this is evident in a range of subjects.

We celebrate writing by displaying it around our school.


Meadow Primary School believe in the power of supporting children to find their voice and use it!

We have introduced the Oracy framework, which is used throughout a variety of lessons to enhance the quality of talk in the classroom and maximise the learning opportunities.


Voice 21 Oracy Framework

Children are supported in enhancing their Oracy skills within a range of strands. Please see the attached document for a more complete view of the Framework.

Public speaking

Our pupils had the opportunity to be a Zoo Keeper for the day. They had to research and plan a presentation which they could deliver to members of the public at Chester Zoo. They did a fantastic job teaching these visitors about the conservation of Spider Monkeys.