Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural Education

At Meadow Primary School, we commit to providing a learning experience which enables our pupils to develop a good self-awareness, healthy mind, a strong identity as a local and global citizens, and the critical thinking skills required to be able to contribute positively to their diverse and ever-changing world.

We believe that education should be holistic by placing the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of our pupils, at the centre of our provision.

For these reasons, we treat Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education as an ethos, rather than a subject, that is taught and threaded throughout our pupils’ school experience to ensure current and relevant issues are explored and strong links are made between the children’s own experiences and those of others.

Personal, Social, Health, Economic (PSHE) & Relationship & Sex Education (RSE)

The Meadow team have carefully considered the subjects that impact greatly on our pupils’ lives and have developed a thematic approach to delivering SMSC lessons based on these subjects.

Each theme has been planned to ensure progression throughout the school. Each theme is launched by individual class teachers and most themes use picture books to introduce subject matters in a child friendly, accessible way.

Teachers then deliver lessons that explore the theme through critical enquiry and a ‘Philosophy for Children (P4C)’ approach.

The themes covered within discrete lessons are:

  • No Outsiders In Our School: Anti-bullying, celebrating difference & challenging prejudice.

  • People who inspire us: Researching a range of inspirational people

  • Britain & Diversity: Examining children’s perceptions of Britain and who lives here.

  • Equality: Embracing difference and ensuring fairness (all protected characteristics plus poverty)

  • Drugs & Alcohol: Following the Christopher Winter scheme.

  • Mental Health: My Happy Mind programme

  • British/Human Values: Monarchy, political systems in the UK, democracy, rule of law, liberty and mutual respect for others’ beliefs.

  • Knocking down stereotypes: Exploring gender stereotypes and the importance of being yourself.

  • World’s Largest Lesson: Examining the Sustainable Development Goals

  • More in Common: Exploring and challenging perceptions of Asylum Seekers, Refugees & Migrants.

  • RSE: Exploring healthy relationships & growing up

  • Sun Safety: Staying safe in the sun

  • First Aid: Key skills to use in the event of an emergency.

We also weave Global Dimension themes throughout our curriculum and link learning to real-life contexts. We engage children and teach them how to become empowered to shape and develop their own world and futures. We write for a real purpose in literacy, lending our voices to global causes, and actively promote the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child through our RRSA Parliament group.

We record much of our learning using iMovie. Have a look at some of the learning that has been taking place.

Odd Egg

The Odd Egg

Embracing difference

Brazil Global

World's Largest Lesson

At Meadow, we all take part in the 'World's Largest Lesson' which examines the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Our children make their own pledges to contribute positively to their world.


Ellesmere Port Project

Children visited the residents of Astbury Lodge nursing home to find out more about their town.

Australia Theme 1.MOV

Two Monsters

I Walk With Vanessa Japan.mp4

I Walk With Vanessa


People Who Inspire Us

David Attenborough


People Who Inspire Us

Rosa Parks

Adrift Making Waves (1).mp4


Meadow Primary School took a lead in the 'Adrift' project which involved a network of primary schools, working together to breakdown stereotypes. Children examined the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers. They looked at reasons that people seek asylum, and discussed the labels that these people are given along their journey. They related the project to themes such as 'home', 'hope' and 'humanity'. All year groups created artwork relating to the project.

Message from children.mp4
Theme 1 - Year 5 Greece

How to Heal a Broken Wing

Theme 1: Invisible Boy Ghana Year

The Invisible Boy

Windrush .mov

Britain & Diversity

Exploring the Windrush experience

Robins Kings and Queens.MOV

British Monarchy

Theme 1: Robins - Blue Chameleon

Blue Chameleon

My World Your World

My World, Your World

Foodbank Veg.mp4

From garden to Foodbank

Mrs Bailey worked with a variety of children to grow vegetables from seed in our garden. They then delivered these to the local food bank where they were made into a delicious soup which was served in the dining room.


Literacy inspired by plastic pollution


Literacy inspired by ocean pollution

Malala's magic

Malala's Magic Pencil

Red: A crayon's Story

People Who Inspire Us

Malala Yousafzai


Citizenship Movie

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child

Residential Visits

A chance to learn outdoors, problem solve, build bonds, form relationships, be independent, think critically, enrich experiences, develop social and emotional confidence, ignite passions and have FUN!

General Election 2019

Our youngest pupils explore democracy and voting in this General Election activity.


Inspirational People

Exploring the question 'Who inspires us?'

Great Thunberg MOV

Greta Thunberg & Climate Change

How can we use our voices to make positive changes? What can we change to make a positive impact on our environment?


Emmeline Pankhurst

Gender Equality