Curriculum Overview

At Meadow, our curriculum has been designed to provide our children with what we believe are pivotal and meaningful opportunities that allow all of our children to develop their skills in a wide range of contexts, thus allowing them to reach their own individual potential. We pride ourselves on developing 'Global Citizens' who are knowledgeable and informed about the world that they live in, therefore enabling our pupils to develop the capacity to navigate and succeed both academically and socially.

Our 'Context for Learning' curriculum is centred around opportunities for critical thinking alongside opportunities for the development of empathy; this is then accompanied by opportunities for reflection, which is a skill that is at the heart of every lesson in each year group. Our curriculum is progressive within development of knowledge and skills and features many rich learning opportunities that extend the children's awareness of how their understanding can lead to positive change in the world both today and in the future. Each topic features a 'Big Question', this is then answered and reflected on throughout the unit of work. The aim of each session is to develop further knowledge and skills to enable them to fully reflect on their 'Big Question' at the end of their unit of work.

We invite parents and carers into class at the end of each term, so that children can share their learning and their reflections.

Below is a copy of our Curriculum Statement, a copy of our topic overview and the current termly class newsletter which give details about the 'Big Questions' being explored by each class.