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Meadow Overview 2019-2020

Our Curriculum (Context for Learning)

At Meadow we strive to create opportunities for our children where critical thinking, development of empathy along with opportunities for reflection are at the heart of every lesson. Our curriculum is designed to allow the children to develop their knowledge and understanding of the past and how our actions have impacted today’s societies and environments across the world.

In our Context for Learning curriculum Year 1-6 have a different topic each term. Before children start their topic they engage in an immersion session, where the children discuss an image or a video clip around the theme of their Context for Learning Topic. From here the children develop lines of questioning which they will explore during their unit of work, following the principles of Philosophy for Children. Each term's work is underpinned by a focused question that will be answered within a final piece of work within the unit; the aim of this is to draw the children's learning together within the unit of work.

At the end of each topic we invite parents in for a Context for Learning Celebration where children can share with their parents the exciting things they have learnt.

Please see attached curriculum to find out what exciting things our children learn about.

Phonics and Reading at Meadow Primary School

At Meadow Primary School we follow our own bespoke phonics programme that is based on Letters and Sounds. We use Pearson’s Phonics Bug resources to support our programme.

We encourage children to read a range of books and therefore we bookband our books (brought from a variety of schemes) for the children to read. We believe that creating a reading culture and allowing children to read a range of books that interest them has more impact on them as readers than following a set scheme.

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