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The Art curriculum is designed with the National Curriculum at its core to ensure that all creative processes are catered for across key stages. Children are given the opportunity to experience a range of media and offer their own opinions, ideas and creativity in artwork that has a purpose. This can be directly related to an artist studied or linked to a subject/topic.

Sketch books allow children to explore and evaluate the artwork of others and use this as inspiration to spark their own imagination and thought process. They are then facilitated to plan and explore their own ideas using a variety of materials as they work towards a final piece.

The National Curriculum for D&T forms the foundation for our own curriculum with the intent of inspiring children to use their creativity and imagination in a practical subject. These themes are consistent throughout both Key Stages from Year 1 to Year 6.

We believe that these practical developments can be used in a cross-curricular manner, usually being applied to Science or Context for Learning sessions. This enables the subject to link with other areas of the curriculum, providing a more enriching experience for all children. All learners will be given the chance to express their ideas and thoughts, before engaging in the different processes of Design and Technology (identification of problem; product and market research; design; make and evaluate).

QofE Meadow Art Handbook 2020-2021.pdf

Meadow's Art Handbook

We have developed our own, bespoke handbook which works through each of the stages of the art curriculum, including the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

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